To date I have had over a dozen original spaceflight and astronomy titles published, and have worked on many other titles as an editor/consultant/expert. Most of my work has been for USBORNE PUBLISHING, but I have also written for and worked with Ladybird, Monkey Puzzle, Kingfisher, Viking Kestrel, Raintree Publishing, Templar and other publishing houses.. 

My latest books…



I have had articles and features published in many newspapers and magazines. I have my own weekly column in The Westmorland Gazette and a monthly column in the Cockermouth Post newspapers, and also have written for  the popular“CUMBRIA LIFE” magazine.

I have also had articles and features published in major monthly astronomy magazines, including the US “SKY & TELESCOPE” magazine and the UK astronomy magazines “ASTRONOMY NOW” and “THE SKY AT NIGHT”.


When I’m not writing children’s astronomy books and magazine or newspaper articles, I enjoy writing “astro-poetry”, that’s poetry based on and inspired by astronomy- and spaceflight-related stories in the news, and by the universe we live in too. I’m very happy to be able to say that not only has my poetry been published in several astronomy magazines, but has also been featured on a number of official NASA websites (see Links below).

You can find my poetry website – “The ‘Verse” – by clicking on the link over there on the right. You can also find some of my poems on other websites by following these links…


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28 02 2012

Why do I not have Extreme Space Tourist yet? Off to buy I go!

16 05 2012
Ralph Withers

Hi Stuart,
I found you and your site through a Google search on your name. Your book Astronomy translated into Turkish at 5TL is available through a childrens magazine called “Bilim Cocuk” published here in Turkey. It is a brilliant magazine that would cost £5 a time in the UK but is 4TL here (£1.37). You are in good company here.
Anyway, we would like a copy in English as well as the Turkish translation we already have. I can’t see where to buy on your site?
Look forward gto hearing from you. Your enthusiam inspires.

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